SWF-029 Wonderous Woman in Captivity

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Wonderous Woman (Mckenzie). Hero of the ages and champion of the people. With a list of deeds as long as the enemies that are borne of them, she has captured attention and hearts the world over. She will soon to discover how popular she has truly become when an old rival makes a reappearance. Persephone (Lucy Westenra). Another valiant warrior of Themyscira. The resulting conflict sees the heroine brought to her lowest point and made ready for the predations of countless to come. Worse still, the life of her beloved ally Vera (Ariana Rogue) hangs in the balance, making her every action and inaction a perilous one.

We invite you to join us on the first of an epic three part series slated to be released over the next month. The fate of Wonderous Woman hangs in the balance in the largest Luciafilms Project ever.


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