SWF-026 Fringe Benefits from The Battle for Earth

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Fringe Benefits from The Battle for Earth






Vixen comes home to spend a quiet evening to herself, when much to her surprise, 2 thugs have broken in and applied a painful solution to her panties. Ready for sleep to take over, she feels a tingling in her pussy. It starts small but soon is annoying. It quickly becomes extremely painful and somehow, it affects her powers as well. The thugs are on her before she even knows what’s happening, in her own home. A chloro rag is applied and the next thing she knows, she’s awake in an unknown location laying on a table. She immediately reacts defensively, and even arrogantly, but as the fight proceeds, she feels the pain returning to her pussy. The distraction is just too much and eventually, the thugs get the best of her. Find out what happens next!


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