SWF-025 Agent Wonder The Punishment

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When Agent Wonder arrives in street clothes to face a brutal villain, she manages to put up a decent fight against the ruthless thug… until he delivers devastating body punches and knees, finally choking her unconscious. He frisks and searches her while she is unconscious. She awakens only to be knocked out again. Finally, she is subjected to a brutal attack with a baseball bat. Eventually, she manages to escape…

…Only to return in full super costume. This time, with her new powers of super-strength, she easily beats up the fiend, avenging herself for her earlier defeat. However, when the villain manages to destroy the source of her powers, he delivers an even more devastating beatdown.

This time, in addition to delivering multiple KOs and more frisking of her unconscious body, he forces her to face a camera which is recording the action, then ties her up AOH, beats her mercilessly with a sledgehammer, and ultimately delivers her “final punishment” – an extended whipping while she is bound with arms over head. She passes out, presumably to be tormented even more next time.


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