SPX-136 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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he Stallion Monster Trilogy Vol.2 SP Soldier Yellow Ayuka Morimura


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Ayuka Morimura is an excellent lady who were specially selected from Space Police Organization and given a Battle Suit as SP Soldier Yellow. Her principle is that she has to superior than men, and she makes desperate efforts to defeat cadres of crime organizations and to capture Gigabokkin, Fugulinger, and Penibuilge, a brutal wanted criminals. Ayuka tries to find the criminal first. She captures Fugulinger and tries to capture the last two criminals by using Fugulinger as lure. However, Ayuka can’t catch stallion monsters in a trap. On the contrary, monsters prevent Ayuka’s transformation and drive her into the corner. Ayuka hasn’t dated with a man and doesn’t know much about sexuality. Stallion monsters start torturing Ayuka to disgrace her innocent body and mind

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