SPX-135 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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Love Cure came from far from the galaxy to protect the Earth. She has to protect a lot of people. It is a selfless love. She never doubts about her task. However, a woman comes to defeat innocent Love Cure. Her name is Magnolia. She is the head cadre of evil empire Exphobia. She is suffered from Love Cure many times. Her revenge show is finally started. Magnolia elicits the terrible word from Attorney General by utilizing the fact that Love Cure is an alien. “Even if we hurt Love Cure, we are never accused, because Love Cure is an alien.” Love Cure is put a price of one billion yen on her head. People attack Love Cure with losing their temper, because nobody is accused of murderer even if they kill Love Cure. People attacks Love Cure relentlessly. She is worn out body and soul. She sheds tears and snot with wetting her pants. “Mr. President, I have a souvenir for you. I hope you’ll like it.” What is going to happen to Love Cure!?


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